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Guaranteed Success.



The measure of a good Keynote address is weather or not the speaker was able to have a positive
impact on the audience. They can only accomplish this through
knowledge, experience, passion,
and a true belief in the message.

Rob has spent decades in the safety field and addressed hundreds of
audiences and has learned that
hard work, dedication, and leadership will give your people the best opportunity to get home safely every day. Imparting that simple truth is what he does best. He draws from real-life experiences and lessons learned in multiple industries to reach his audiences.

He's never left an address where people have wondered if he truly cared about their safety. Reaching people with a safety message saves lives and careers. 

That is why Rob does this.

Campaign Pitch


Safety cultures can be created, enhanced, or ruined. Rob has seen examples of each over the years. He's worked in environments that worked against safety values, and he has helped create and enhance
sustainable safety cultures in large organizations. Rob's been nationally recognized for creating environments and programs that give your people the best chance at returning home safely every day. There is no true road map, but there are tactics and strategies that
can and will be successful. The difficulty is choosing the ones that will work for your organization. He can help you with that.

Together, you and Rob can analyze where you are and devise a plan that will get you to where you want to be. It is possible in every organization. Rob truly believes that.

Business Meeting


Managing organizational change and/or developing leadership strategies can be complicated to say the least. One thing Rob has learned over his career is that both can be done in any organization or industry.
He has several strategies  in his repertoire to develop
 a new safety program or to take your current program to the next level.

There is no single roadmap to success in safety. Every organization is at a different place or stage in their journey and has different needs. However, there are strategies that work, regardless of where you are in that journey.

With a commitment to safety and strong leadership, you can be successful, and with the knowledge Rob has gained through decades of successes as well as some tough lessons learned, he can help you.

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