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Lead, Motivate, encourage, Inspire.

Urban Construction


Rob has traveled extensively teaching executives, leaders, and industry workers the value of developing a safety culture. That teaching experience is centered around the safety of those that work with you and the safety of those you serve. He and his organization are deeply invested in safety and nurturing a safety culture. His belief is that with a sound safety platform, committed leadership, training programs, technology, and partnerships you can drastically improve the odds of getting your people home to their families every day.

It's not just about the Roadmap to being safe. It's about creating a safety culture.



The measure of a good Keynote address is weather or not the speaker was able to have a positive
impact on the audience. The speaker can only accomplish this through knowledge, experience, passion,
and a true belief in the message.

Campaign Pitch


Safety cultures can be created, enhanced, or ruined. Rob has seen examples of each over the years. He
has worked in an environment that worked against safety values ,and he has helped create and enhance
sustainable safety cultures in large organizations.

Business Meeting


Managing organizational change and/or developing leadership strategies can be complicated to say the least. One thing Rob has learned over his career is that both can be done in any organization or industry.
He has several strategies  in his repertoire to develop a new safety program or to take your current
program to the next level.

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